Before using our E-Commerce platform, here are just a few things that you should know:

We take all effort to make sure our payment platform is safe and secure and we do not store any personal details. We use Shopify to process payments safely and securely.

You may cancel an order anytime prior to shipment.

Delivery of products will take place within 1 - 7 business days of your order placement. If there are any changes in the time-frame, the details will be communicated by us.

If you’re dissatisfied with one of our products, we want to do our best to help you. You can ask for a refund once you’ve purchased a product, but you must return the product to our workshop within a week from when it was delivered and you.

If, however, the product is damaged or has a clear manufacturing defect, then it can be replaced upon request, provided that the product is not damaged through use or neglect. You must return the product to our workshop within a week from when it was delivered to you.

Once bought, products can be exchanged for other products from the Plastiki Rafiki store, as long as they belong to the same price range or something of lesser value. We kindly ask that the products you want to exchange be unused and in their original packing.

Delivery charges will be placed upon your total order.

All Plastiki Rafiki products are carefully engineered and tested before they are made available to you. Although our products are designed and manufactured keeping your safety in mind, we do not take responsibility for any injury that may occur as a result of using any of our products. 

Our products are made from a 100% recycled plastic that we shred locally using our machines. While we make all efforts to deliver best quality products, we cannot guarantee uniformity of color or texture, and the looks can vary from product to product. 

We are using exclusively recycled plastic, and so we can not guarantee that our products are food safe.

All our product designs are the sole creative property of Plastiki Rafiki, however, we believe in open source design and have greatly benefited from being part of online communities. To continue with our journey of cleaning up the environment and providing a service to the community, all we ask is for you to support us and give rightful credit to our designs. Find out how you can join Plastiki Rafiki Network and be part of the Global Precious Plastic Movement here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or concerns about the online shop or any of our products.